Community Partnerships

The following is a partial list of some of the VERY MANY people and organizations that help support Tinley Wish. This list is by no means all inclusive, as there are so many people and organizations that come together to make everything possible, and many wish to remain anonymous. We will continue to update this as much as we can so that everyone can see the tremendous effort and generosity of so many who make this community effort a reality. Thank you to everyone!!

Bond Brothers Printing- Lyons, IL

GAD Group

M-N-M Rider’s Club

Local 1- Carpenters Union

M-N-M Cycle & Auto Repair

Village of Tinley Park

Local 2- Elevator Operators Union

Stephen Neubauer- Tinley Park Chief of Police

Ken Dunn- Tinley Park Fire Chief

Local 134- Electricians Union

Mark Moylan- State Farm Insurance

Andrew High School Soccer Team

Local 17- Insulators Union

Bettenhausen Dodge

Dawn Heating and Air

Local 281- Sprinkler Fitters Union

Gatto’s Restaurant

Local 4- Laborers Union

Jewel Foods

Illinois State Police

Local 597- Pipe Fitters Union

Tinley Park EMA

Tinley Auto Repair

Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce

Local 73- Sheet Metal Workers Union

Chicago and Cook County Building Trades

Local 21- Brick Layers and Tile Setters Union

Local 1- Ironworkers Union

Local 63- Iron Workers union

Local 21- Glaziers Union

Miniature Corner- Tinley Park

Cribs to College-Naperville, IL

Interstate Batteries- Mokena, IL